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About the ASA

The ASA works on behalf of its members in three key areas:

  1. To promote the valuable role intermediaries play in the information supply chain
  2. To improve terms of trade with customers and suppliers
  3. To represent members' common interests to publishers, libraries and consortia, representative and governmental organisations and associations worldwide.

The ASA and its members are committed to upholding standards of excellence, integrity and service innovation in the management of subscriptions. We work closely with libraries and publishers to drive efficiencies and innovation within the information supply chain. All members of the ASA are required to sign up to the ASA Guidelines which describe and ensure best practice.

The Association is actively involved in the creation and use of industry standards and a range of lobbying work. The ASA has close links with and representation on important industry committees including EDItEUR & ICEDIS, The Frankfurt Group, Project COUNTER and ISSN.

Ongoing activities include work with publishers to ensure workable gracing periods for electronic journals and ensuring the provision of timely and accurate pricing information to libraries and agents.

In collaboration with other industry groups, the ASA is lobbying European governments to achieve the elimination of VAT on e-journals. The association is also actively involved in uniting all concerned within the industry against subscription fraud.

Subscription Street

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