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smart money secret

Smart Money Secret: The Fool-Proof Way To Fix Your Credit Score

Not many people are able to achieve the level of financial dominance they desire in their lives. According to Scott and Alison Hilton, the root of the matter is the credit industry. For way too long, this necessary evil has been able to exploit and control the financial life of many, and it still remains unseen and unnoticed.

That said, whether as an individual or as a family, it is always paramount that you have ultimate control of all your finances to avoid all the negative consequences, including debt; and as far as that goes, the Smart Money Secret ideal credit repair tool to rely on in order to keep your financial life in check, and improve it all the same.

What Is Smart Money Secret?

The Smart Money Secret is an inspired book of the same title, written by a couple (Scott and Alison Hilton) who have some hidden knowledge about improving your credit score.

In the book, the couple explains the pivotal points about the tipping point of all financial constraints, as well as the right kind of dominance you are in search of to maintain a good credit score. It also offers a variety of tips that gradually work your credit worthiness up to 165, in the shortest time possible.

In greater detail, however, Smart Money Secret talks about the two financial dangers taking control of the financial world right now: bankers and credit card companies; and how their overall influence is continuously leading consumers in the average financial scale into financial downfall.

The book is a culmination of a first-hand experience of the same and, therefore, serves as a proper financial advisor for all. You can also find a 30 minute video online that talks about the book.


How Was Smart Money Secret Started?

Any big and potentially huge secret revelation always has a story behind it, and Smart Money Secret is no different. It all started with Jay Hannon; a former worker in the credit industry, who spent 5 years observing and pitying how the industry threatened its consumers upon failure to pay their credit card bills.

Right off the bat, the book introduces Jay’s ultimate revelation and how he spent each day, watching his fellow bloodthirsty co-workers, so to speak, threatening clients of their imminent financial predicaments in case they failed to do what was expected of them.

They readily and happily obliged to the system, thereby destroying their client’s private property in case non-compliance was met. The experience, nonetheless, made Jay realize how to manipulate the industry, and instead, how to use it to improve ones’ credit score.

How Does It Work And What Kind Of Secrets Can I learn?

The basis of how the Smart Money Secret works all falls on the ability to fix your credit score and tidy up any financial taint that might exist. It does this by showing you exactly how to do that in the easiest, and most importantly, the safest way possible as far as the law goes.

Not only is it legally safe, but using the Smart Money Secret also nullifies the importance of all those credit repair scammers and/or a lawyer to assist you fix your issue, without having to, even, file for bankruptcy.

Its efficiency, nonetheless, revolves around 2 important federal regulations, which have a loophole in terms of an 11 word phrase that sets you up on the road to credit immunity once used well. That is what the Smart Money Secret program strives to instruct you: how to effectively use that 11 word phrase in order to manipulate the system. Conclusively, the book also offers you ways and strategies you can use to control your situation and keep credit collectors off your back.

The Smart Money Credit Repair Club

Due to its effectiveness, the Smart Money Secret has a repair club, which consists of all those who have benefited from this credit repair system. It’s an online club that welcomes new members, and holds forums where people can interact freely to share their stories and new financial hacks that are insightful and helpful when it comes to keeping you ahead in the financial world. In this club you receive weekly emails that explain useful money and credit hacks available. Some of these include:

  • How to increase your purchasing power by 2100%
  • How to get rid of a tax lien, repossession, or a past bankruptcy on your credit rating
  • How to finance two of your dream cars at the same time
  • How to get negative credit marks removed from your credit history
  • How to get free shipping from your favorite stores

What Comes With The Smart Money Secret?

The book comes with a few extra items that are meant to help you fix your credit score all the more. These items include, a 60 minute online video, a 3-step letter sequence and a month free access to the Smart Money Club.

In conclusion, the Smart Money secret is a full-proof way to fix your credit score, so it’s not a scam. The authors, Scott and Alison Hilton along with Jay Hannon go out of their way to bring you the credit repair tool you need to keep your financial life from going out of hand. At only $49, you can buy the book from the official site and reap all the benefits.

About Jay Hannon: He claims he spent 5 bad years in the deep waters of the credit industry, just sitting in a desk with a normal 8 hour job. He claims to have learn to turn the 95$ billion credit industry upside down.

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